JRS – Isusovačka služba za izbjeglice


Skim through Paths!

Dear readers, dear friends, with your stories, our Paths are going further. They are intertwined in the culture of encounter.


By sharing your views about the future, feelings of the present and the moments from your history, we carry you in our minds when we serve you, accompany you and advocate your rights. In giving other an opportunity to get to know us through writing, we are strengthening the values are necessary to ensure a harmonious coexistence between people and cultures. To trust others to keep your stories and to think about them is a sincere expression of your openness and willingness to become a friend to those who care about you. By acknowledging the cultural richness of those who are different, we are enriching ourselves, our lives and our perspectives. We’re here with each other. We are more connected than you think because we will nurture common memories. And we will tell the same stories, perhaps in different languages, but with the same fullness of heart.


Paths, no. 3