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The words of a volunteer, the words of a friend


Ever since first meeting with you I knew this experience would bring something good and beautiful. And I was right. I have been coming to the Reception Center at least once a week for the past seven months. Every week. Even at times when I say to myself that I can not go this time because “I have to study”, I escape from my room or find myself switching trams while in the middle of the ride to the city in order to turn in the direction of Porin, because I feel like friends are waiting for me to have a cup of tea with too much sugar in it and I do not want to miss sharing the experience with them. Kids are always happy to see me and the smiles on their faces when they hug me makes me happier. Walking through the corridors on all floors as you greet me trying to speak Croatian always fills my heart and puts a smile on my face. The time spent there is also filled with sitting with families in their rooms for hours and talking about anything that can be discussed, bearing in mind the language barrier. At that point you understand that it is possible to understand someone even though you don’t speak their language. The positivity you radiate makes me think about how often I take things in life for granted and how often we complain about things that are meaningless. I hope you also see me as a friend, a trustworthy person to drink tea with in your new home in Croatia. A volunteer Matea Sršan


Paths, no. 4