JRS – Isusovačka služba za izbjeglice

Mihael Mačak


Mihael Mačak

My experience of volunteering in JRS
I started volunteering from the desire to work with people and to contribute with my knowledge and time, to help them to have easier integration into a more peaceful life.
Something I like the most about our asylum seekers and the ones that got the asylum is that not only we accept them, but they accept us too. Often, they invite me for coffee and tea when I walk through the corridors to the computer room and the music workshop.
Volunteering allows me to express my love for music and languages. Through various activities in which I participate, and together with our seekers organize, I gain knowledge about different customs and cultures.

My volunteer work is a great pleasure for me because besides having the opportunity to transfer my knowledge to others, I have gained a lot of friends at the same time.

Regardless being surrounded by people who have grown up in a completely different environment, a few share my passion for music which connects us. We have established the band “Easy Tiger”, in which I sing, while my friends play, so we practice and create music together.

Socialising with them made me richer and it opened up new perspectives. It made me more aware of the challenges of refugees. It also enabled me to create a positive image in my community and to fight prejudice.